Java Applet Fix

Because transferring files from our web site requires the operating system, the browser, and Java to all work together, many times when one of these pieces does an automatic upgrade, it temporarily breaks the system. We are committed to continue to make fixes as needed so this system will continue to work for hose who want to use it. Below is step by step instructions to fix the current issues.

For those who would like to upgrade to a system that avoids these temporary outages, we highly recommend using Filezilla to access your files instead of the file access on our web site. Filezilla is similar in that you have two windows to move your files to and from the FTP site. It differs in that it is a program you install on your computer. We have a FileZilla tutorial to walk you through downloading, installing, configuring, and using FileZilla with

Java fix

To fix the current issue we are going to bypass some of the new security. This will be for our web site only. This will not effect HIPAA compliance.

Open the Java Control Panel

For Windows:
1.) Click the 'Start' button
2.) Click on All Programs
3.) Find the Java folder
4.) Click 'Configure Java' to launch the Java Control Panel

For Mac OS X:
1.) Click on Apple icon on upper left of screen.
2.) Go to System Preferences
3.) Click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel.

In the Java Control Panel

1.) Click the 'Security' tab
2.) Click 'Edit Site List'
3.) Click the 'Add' button
4.) Type in
5.) Click the 'Ok' button
6.) Click 'Continue' on the security risk warning. The security risk you are taking is you our trusting our web site ( ) to not give you bad software. This is the same trust you have been giving us since you started using our system.
7.) Click 'Ok'
8.) For the change to take effect, you will need to close all your browser windows then re-open your browser.

Please call ( 614-431-2300 ) or email us ( ) if you are still experiencing problems or need additional help.

Thank you, Staff
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